Spicy Rice Oil - Limited Supply!

$ 5.95

We infuse our Spicy Rice Oil with a blend of peppers, garlic & ginger to give is tons of flavor. It's a perfect drizzling oil to finish off any dish, or add to your cooking oil for an extra spicy kick! Our use of rice bran oil makes it super rich in antioxidants & it's gluten free. This oil is in limited production. So, stock up!

Non-GMO ingredients / Gluten-free

3.8oz bottle

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Not just for cooking!

“As a leading mixologist in the country with 8 properties, I am always looking for the next "big thing". Recently I started working with, and absolutely loving Mr. Wong’s Spicy Rice Oil! It is fantastic in all sorts of drinks that give an unexpected WOW factor to any libation. It's so much fun I have it at all of my bars and kitchens." - Rob Floyd, RxLiquidChef.com